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Re: problems with rationale & design

felix wrote:
> Yet, I find SRFI-7 suboptimal, for various reasons I have already
> given (less typing (yes!), more natural, more straightforward, more
> portable - across existing implementations).

I refrained the first time around, but I really must object to this
"less typing" advantage. It's an extremely short-sighted reason to
support a proposal. If you want less typing, use macros or scripts to do
the typing for you. It's an extremely trivial advantage, and all too
often it turns into a net disadvantage in the long run.

As for more natural, more straightforward, more portable: The first two
are aesthetic judgments, and obviously several people disagree with your
subjective opinion. The last makes no sense whatsoever; how is your
proposal any more portable than SRFI-7?
Bradd W. Szonye