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Re: problems with rationale & design

campbell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Anyway, you haven't convinced me, and by repeating it endlessly and by
abusing your "_" key, you will not convince me in future. So I recommend
you change your strategy or simple accept that you can't do anything
about it, unless you try something new.

Felix, I recommend that you just try to _understand_ the situation that
you are _forcing_ Scheme into.  The way you have attempted to flip my
argument around and use it against me demonstrates that you hardly
understand it at all.

I'm totally aware that SRFI-7 is more general than SRFI-55, and could
(potentially) be implemented across all implementations. I do not (and
never did) claim the opposite. Yet, I find SRFI-7 suboptimal, for
various reasons I have already given (less typing (yes!), more
natural, more straightforward, more portable - across existing

Unless you come up with something new, consider yourself ignored from
now on.