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Re: problems with rationale & design

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At Fri, 18 Jun 2004 17:31:23 -0700 (PDT), campbell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> It's amazing to see how the fact that Scheme48's & RScheme's module
> systems can't implement REQUIRE is stubbornly ignored!  I am _not_
> saying that REQUIRE-like mechanisms are inherently incompatible with
> _all_ module systems, but that they _can_ be incompatible with _some_
> module systems, whereas a separate configuration language can _always_
> be compatible with module systems.

But Scheme48 does acknowledge the importance of being able to load
modules at the REPL and provides the

  ,open module

extension.  Is there a reason this couldn't be made

  (open module)

so that the same code could be used in the REPL and compiled?  Not
attacking here, genuinely curious.

Is there really no point in standardizing any aspect of the REPL,
something essentially every Scheme provides?  It would at least be
nice to keep the it as similar to compiled code as possible.