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Re: New draft

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 * From: Paul Schlie <schlie@xxxxxxxxxxx>
 * Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 20:20:53 -0400
 * Subj: Re: New draft

 | I'm sorry, although I'm very interested in this topic, I haven't had enough
 | time to spend do it justice; and unfortunately believe that the present spec
 | has not been sufficiently critically reviewed enough to seriously consider
 | finalizing it yet; maybe it needs a little more time, or to be withdrawn and
 | re-submitted after some further analysis/consideration?

My dream has been shattered!

Dear Paul.

I only expressed my hope with conventional phrases.  So, please don't worry
about that.  In fact, I don't anticipate that this draft will be able to be
finalized.  And I know that sometime or other I may have to request Editor to
withdraw this draft.

Thank you for your prompt response.