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Re: a preface

soo wrote:
 * From: David Van Horn <dvanhorn@xxxxxxxxxx>

 |What are you formatting?

Any object.


Through FMT procedure.

You can't say that in the specification of FMT.

What should FMT return when handed say a function?
What happens if FMT is handed an object of a type
not specified in the R5RS - such as hash tables or
regular expressions?

The goal is to make the specification so thorough
that an implementation can be made without looking
at your examples and the reference implementation.

If FMT should format other things than numbers,
then it would be wise to write down in detail
what happens when handed

  - strings
  - symbols
  - chars
  - booleans
  - lists (of various kinds)

and then leave the behaviour given other datatypes

For now I'm happy if FMT can format numbers,
since then I can simply use it with FORMAT.

Jens Axel Søgaard