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Re: a preface

soo <tilde@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Dear all,

> The current uploaded draft is old one.

SRFI-54 at srfi.schemers.org is now up to date.  Sorry about the
delay.  I uploaded the one in your preface, except for this note:

> A Note:
> I am on neither "format strings are wrong" side nor "format strings are right"
> side, and indeed have no knowledge to infer it.  I am only a Scheme consumer.
> I've used FORMAT because of its functions such as left and right padding of
> numbers or strings and expressing the precision of number.  As I thought the
> function of the current SRFI's FORMAT was a little insufficient (such as right
> padding), and the `former' side had not provided a real thing for Scheme
> users, I submitted this proposal.
> While defining the new procedure (FMT), I felt that the problem was handling
> its optional arguments, and REST-VALUES (a prodecure in SRFI-51 that I had
> submitted) was insufficient and inappropriate.  So I appended the third mode
> of operation to the function of REST-VALUES, and submitted the revised SRFI-51
> to SRFI editors.  If the revised SRFI-51 is finalized, I'll substitute
> REST-VALUES for OPT-VALUES which is a temporary and accessory procedure for
> handling rest list (optional arguments).

Best regards,