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Re: Unicode and Scheme

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On Mon, 9 Feb 2004, Tom Lord wrote:

>    > FWIW, I'm using the upper 11 bits in string representation to give the
>    > index (relative to the start of the buffer) of the character to which
>    > the codepoint belongs.  I'm using it in the first codepoint of my
>    > primitive character representation to say how many codepoints are in
>    > this character.
>I think that you're implying "and therefore, I couldn't implement your
>version of buckybits" but I don't see that.

No, I can implement them, and have, using five combining codepoints.
What I'm pointing out is that making assumptions about the
relationship of "buckybits" to internal representation of characters
is and will remain fruitless, and that your discussion of their
representation in a 32-bit machine-word is not topical to your