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Re: strings draft

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Tom Lord <lord@xxxxxxx> writes:

>   ~ t_scm_error scm_extract_string32 (t_uint32 * answer,
>                                       size_t * answer_len,
>                                       t_scm_arena instance,
>                                       t_scm_word * str)


>   ~ t_scm_error scm_make_string32_n (t_scm_word uchar * answer,
>                                      t_scm_arena instance,
>                                      t_uint32 * str,
>                                      enum uni_encoding_scheme enc,
>                                      size_t str_len)

Any rationale for the inconsistant function interfaces
(scm_make_string32_n accepts a uni_encoding_scheme but
scm_extract_string32 doesn't) or just a typo (and in that case, which
is wrong)?