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Re: strings draft

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Tom Lord <lord@xxxxxxx> writes:

>     > In Turkish, i-with-dot capitalizes to I-with-dot.  If you map i->I,
>     > then you get this wrong, for Turkish.
> Did you actually read the c.l.s. post?

I told you, please either reproduce the argument or give me a specific
referenc.  "The c.l.s post" is rather a vague description, I'm afraid,
and I simply don't have time to read every one and then figure out
exactly which one you are referring to.  I did read some, and guessed
what you were referring to already, and guessed wrong.  So please help
me out.

>     > Sure.  But since we can easily make a draft that doesn't have this
>     > problem at all (by dropping case-mapping as a char-by-char thing
>     > entirely) we can fix it.
> Not really.  Whether "char at a time" or "string at a time", `list' is
> not the (linguistically) ci equivalent of `LIST' in -TR locales.

As I have said, one needs to specify a specific standard locale, and
then say what the behavior of that locale is, with regard to the
characters required to exist for specifying programs in the language.