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Re: strings draft

Alex Shinn <foof@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> As do I, I certainly was not advocating (3).  It was a side-comment to
> Thomas Bushnell's statement that case-mapping procedures take a 2nd
> locale parameter, saying the parameter could be made optional in the
> same way that (current-input-port) and (current-output-port) are
> optional in the standard I/O procedures.  It's a convenience
> issue... people write the standard I/O procedures enough that this seems
> a useful feature, people don't use eval enough for R5RS to have defined
> a (current-environment) (which opens a new can of worms anyway).

Oh, I misunderstood your proposal here.  I'm happy to have a default
argument the way the current I/O functions work, though I do prefer an
explict argument.