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Re: Comparing Pika-syle and JNI-style

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Tom Lord <lord@xxxxxxx> writes:

>        > Note, by the way that while my assq is arguably uglier than yours,
>        > mine is O(1) space and yours is O(N) where N is the length of the
>        > alist.  
> D'oh!  Not really -- I just figured out what `mn_to_cdr' must mean.
> Sorry.
> Still, it's noteworthy that to achieve O(1)ness you had to write in
> linear style not procedural style -- the variable `pair_key' in
> particular -- and that you had free two references in a loop rather
> than unprotecting a frame just once, outside the loop.

That's exactly right.  This is the explicit-free clutter.