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Re: when GC is permitted

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   Date: Fri, 09 Jan 2004 07:42:48 +0100
   From: Felix Winkelmann <felix@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

   Now, I'm all for maximum performance, if possible. But that's not
   (IMHO) the proper goal for this SRFI.

I am curious as to what you mean by 'this SRFI'.  Do you think that
maximum performace is not a proper goal for any FFI SRFI?  Or only
for the first one?  Would you be less displeased by SRFI-50 if it
appeared after a JNI-style SRFI was in place?

I can understand wanting the first FFI SRFI being a safer, more general
one, perhaps based on JNI or Pika.  This SRFI isn't that SRFI because
that isn't the type of FFI that Mike and I needed.

                                          -Richard Kelsey