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I appologize for not having anything useful to say.
I will admit that those here do seem to be a lot more knowlegable about this
than I am (and seem to understand "scheme implementations" in general, as
opposed to me primarily only understanding my own and my design choices that
seem almost arbitrary...).

even as such I may still gain useful info here (eg: mention of some gc
teqniques, which I will more modify to suit my uses).

I don't understand how everyone is imagining the details enough to have a
good idea of what the implementation difficulty will be. if it can be done
largely with c macros and thin wrappers then that will be acceptable, but I
would have to see a more final result before I can guage whether I would be
willing to implement it. not like that really matters that much, as often I
think mine is too far off to really be called a scheme anyways (largely I
had talked about it as a scheme though so I don't seem as ot when I try to
post to comp.lang.scheme...).

I had primarily wanted to state my feelings, any comments should primarily
go to personal email...
unless something comes up I may not post again.

cr88192 at hotmail dot com