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Re: GC safety and return values

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>>>>> "Tom" == Tom Lord <lord@xxxxxxx> writes:

>> From: Michael Sperber <sperber@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>> Having worked a lot on XEmacs GC issues, I disagree.  What makes
>> it suck in (X)Emacs (IMHO) is the fact that there isn't a
>> consistent methodology to using GCPRO, and that developers
>> constantly try to "optimize" the use of it.

Tom> Is that mostly to avoid the cost of GC(UN)PRO calls?  


Tom> That's why I suggest GCPROtecting "frame" structures that hold an
Tom> arbitrary number of variables at once.  This approach also makes
Tom> it easier to add and remove variables without having to
Tom> simultaneously update GC(UN)PRO calls.

But (X)Emacs allows this.  It's not about the cost---it's about the
*perceived* cost.

Tom> Whether a primitie can trigger GC isn't something the FFI should speak
Tom> about (because, really, GC can happen just about anytime).

Right; that comes down to just about the same thing.

Cheers =8-} Mike
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