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Re: target applications

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Tom Lord <lord@xxxxxxx> writes:
> Between character issues, string and string index issues,
> no-reasonable-way-to-support-writable-shared-strings/vectors, and so
> on -- it seems clear to me that a portable FFI is never going to be
> able to compete with a native FFI for some tasks.

Gee, that's not clear to me at all.  I think the SRFI-50 text as
proposed is a very useful thing.  It has two problems I'd like to see

- As proposed, SRFI-50 constrains the system to be single-threaded, or
  at least to collect only when all threads are at safe points.

- There's the issue of how to give the result of SCHEME_EXTRACT_STRING
  and similar things a useful lifetime.

Since there have already been posted solutions to each of these that
would suit me, I think it's a bit early to declare the problem too
hard and walk away.