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Re: GC safety and return values

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Tom Lord <lord@xxxxxxx> writes:

> Some of the functions defined in the interface, for example:
>      scheme_value SCHEME_REAL_PART(scheme_value) (may GC)
> return a scheme_value as a C return value.
> This seems inherently error-prone.
> For example:
> although a very natural seeming C statement, is incorrect code.  SCM
> makes that mistake (though its not a mistake within the goals of the
> SCM project itself), Guile inherited it (where it really is a
> mistake), and it proved to be a serious obstacle to, for example,
> implementing either precise or copying GC.
> For starters, I would like to see all return values passed via
> output parameters so that one would have to write:
> 	SCHEME_REAL_PART (&tmp1, a);
> 	SCHEME_REAL_PART (&tmp2, b);
>         SCHEME_CONS (&x, tmp1, tmp2);
> In fact I'd go beyond that in a few ways -- but let me just start with
> this and see where we get.

This is one area where having explicitly-freed reference objects, as
in the JNI, actually works better than the GC_PROTECT approach.  With
references, the first expression is perfectly fine --- assuming
SCHEME_REAL_PART always returns a local reference.