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Re: New revulsion of SRFI 49 available

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On Sun, 29 May 2005, Michael Sperber wrote:

>... it's available at:
>Since this SRFI is long overdue, please get your comments in so we
>can finalize soon.

Re: srfi-49 indentation-sensitive syntax;

Sigh.  My comment is still "This is a Bad Idea."
My recommendation is still "Withdraw it and don't
resubmit anything similar ever."

That said, this bad idea would be better designed
if TAB characters were explicitly disallowed in it.
In most editors it's not at all obvious how many
characters are in whitespace when tab is allowed,
and it being an "error" when two adjacent lines have
a relationship where neither of their whitespace is
a prefix of the other's, unless you require detection
of this error, allows the possibility of completely
invisible errors.

Changing that wouldn't make this into a good idea,
nor into one that ought to be kept.  But it would
at least spare people who attempt to use it some
headaches and frustration.