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Re: How many spaces a tab is worth

David Allouche <david@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

   Indentation-based syntax is going to be used by cl00less n00bies ;-)
   And such users would be very disappointed if the software rejects
   their text because they have used tabs (or because they use a wrong
   text editor).

on the contrary!  such people like such contraints because it presents a
viable barrier over which they can hurdle (by tripping usually ;-) and
henceforth laugh at / argue with / cajole along their former position
(and those who may still occupy it) w/ new-found "comfort".  c'mon,
study your evil overlord text more closely -- this is basic in-circle /
out-circle psychology...

what newbies fear the most is Complete Freedom.  even some non-newbies
find it difficult to slough off this monster in a productive manner.