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Re: exponential number

On Friday 28 May 2004 04:06 am, soo wrote:
>    >> (format "~0,3F" 1.23e-20)
>    >> "0.000"
>  |
>  | Why do you think the above is a bug? What do you think is wrong?
> I think that the above result should be "1.230e-20" in implementations that
> 1.23e-20 is evaluated to 1.23e-20.  If an system evaluates 1.23e-20 to 0.0,
> the above "0.000" is right.  The problem is that FORMAT coerces 1.23e-20 to
> be evaluated to 0.0 with ROUND.

This is acceptable behavior.

To quote again from SRFI-48:
  "For very large or very small numbers, the point where exponential notation 
is used is implementation defined. "

You are certainly welcome to provide your own implementation.