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Re: Why only left padding?

On Saturday 6 March 2004 01:44 pm, soo wrote:
> Why only left padding?

[1] Left padding aligns columns on the right side.  E.g.

[2] SRFI-48 is a midpoint between "basic" format string and full. CommonLisp 
style formatting (e.g. see SLIB).  The idea behind SRFI-48 is to "raise the 
bar" beyond that provided by the sub-minimal SRFI-28, but not to raise it so 
high that implementors would object that it is too inefficient or much 
trouble to support.  Left padding is minimlist.

The padding issue should probably be revisited after the (in-progress) Unicode 
SRFI's get accepted and libraries exist for right-to-left as well as 
(Latin-1)  left-to-right writing systems.