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Re: what is scheme's formal refinement/extension philosophy? (Re: Format strings are wrong)

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    Paul Schlie <schlie@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

    principles/philosophy which I believe is likely necessary to
    establish at least some form of metric by which proposals may be
    more-or-less somewhat more objectively judged for goodness;

objective judgement based on belief?!
authoritative decrees to bring me relief?!
force-feed phat-fillers and lead them to slaughter?
klein-bottle rhetoric can never hold water!

is that really air you're breathing?
or fear-riddled angst within that's seething?
what couldn't, shouldn't and can't be, we'll never know.
so why side w/ entropy, and things that never slow?

"depersonalize" art and expect quality to arise?
does winning degenerate too easily to surmise?
true, IHBT but i thank you all the same.
spew pills, to kill ills: this is my little game.


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