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Re: moving on

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On Sun, 7 Dec 2003, Taylor Campbell wrote:

>On Dec 7, 2003, at 2:48 PM, Taylor Campbell wrote:
>> Comments, and what are some thoughts on whether to use (...) or (...
>> ...) for the base of the ellipsis generator, which I mentioned in
>> passing a while ago?  (Argument for (...): it makes much more sense.
>> Argument for (... ...): it's what everyone uses already.)
>Another idea: the ellipsis token is a dotted list whose elements are
>all ... and whose terminator is ....  An empty dotted ellipsis list
>acts as ellipsis; a dotted ellipsis list pair expands to its CDR.

No, I think this is too complicated. We're talking more about
this as syntax than as list structure anyway; I think that
making people think in terms of list structure would just
confuse the issue.

My recommendation is keep it simple:

(... ...)
(... ... ...)
(... ... ... ...)

etc, to match existing practice.