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Re: Ellipsis in the _pattern_

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[ Slippinrippindangfangrottenzargbargadingdong!  I did it _again_! ]

On Saturday, Oct 11, 2003, at 14:08 US/Eastern, bear wrote:

But I don't know if we really need this special form, since an
ellipsis (or a sequence of them) can already be used to match
an ellipsis (or a longer sequence of them).  IOW, what would we
use the special form for that we couldn't use an ellipsis for?

You've lost me here. Ellipsis is for matching a sequence; how can ellipsis match literal ellipsis? Are you talking about an arbitrarily nested number
of ellipses, i.e. to be matched with (::: ...), in which case we _still_
need :::?