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Re: Some Questions

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[ Snrgle...again I accidentally sent something directly to someone 
   of to the mailing list in general.  Does anyone know how to make 
   send to the list instead of the original sender, without just 
   the 'To:' field? ]

On Wednesday, October 1, 2003, at 01:15 PM, Andre van Tonder wrote:

> By the way, it does seem inconsistent to me that the order in
> stream-filter would differ from that in stream-ref.  To
> me they are morally similar... :-)

The convention that I have found followed (and that I have followed) 
closely is to put the data type that is being acted upon as the first
argument -- e.g., foo-REF, TAKE, DROP, etc --, _unless_ it is a higher-
order procedure with a non-optional procedure argument -- e.g. MAP, 
et cetera --.

I suppose you'd probably prefer if I commented on the content of the 
though, but I don't have much to say on that matter...looks good to me!