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Re: A possible solution?

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On Thursday, Oct 30, 2003, at 15:53 US/Eastern, bear wrote:

On Thu, 30 Oct 2003 scgmille@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

So basically you want to drop all these useful types because they don't
exist yet?  That makes so much sense.

You're just trolling here, aren't you?

Things that don't exist aren't useful.  EVER.

Let me rephrase this to mingle the context into the sentence:

'Types such as dictionaries, sets, et cetera specified by SRFI 44 are
never useful because they don't exist _yet_.  They can't possibly be
useful, so they're not even worth considering now!'

Boy, I'm convinced!

In your little universe, the very *reasons* for different
collection types to exist are irrelevant, mere "shortcuts".

In your little universe, things that *dont* exist are
regarded as useful. Useful to whom?  The voices in your

Useful to the people who intend to use specific implementation-
agnostic code with sets.

The more I see from you the less confidence I have that
this process is ever going to produce anything useful.

In fact, I think you're just a usenet troll who has discovered
a new forum and is gleefully laughing at the shit you're stirring
up.  You got tired of creating flamewars by crossposting in the
religion hierarchies and went looking for new kicks, and you
found a bunch of lisp weenies who had a standardization process
that was not defended from random trolls and decided you could
subvert it for your personal enjoyment, didn't you?

Right, and in the process wrote two useful and successful SRFIs, wrote
a Scheme implementation that is probably the most SRFI-compliant one
that exists, et cetera...

Every time anyone has tried to make anything useful out of the
abortive mess you've sent us, you've refused the suggestions and
advice.  Every time someone has pointed out substantial problems
and documented them incontrovertibly (as Shiro did) you've announced
that it is not your intent to fix them.  Every time someone has
given you anything at all that might stop the fight or slow it
down, you've shat on them.

Gee, didn't you notice that Shiro's comments were actually addressed?

Enough.  I'm not playing this game any more.  If you're a troll,
fine.  You've had your fun.  If you're sincere about this, get
a brain transplant or a clue.

Mmmmm, what a nice, rational argument.