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Re: Fundamental design constraints

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At Thu, 30 Oct 2003 02:20:20 -0500, Anton van Straaten wrote:
> What prior art, in Scheme implementations, is there in this area?  There are
> collections, but are there any with a common set of generic interfaces?

In SCM (require 'collect) will give you generic collections based on

Gauche has a very nice collections API with a generic interface
(especially nice when working with uNvectors and you later realize you
need u{N*2}vectors).

I wouldn't be surprised if there were more.

> The prior art I'm aware of is mostly listed at the bottom of SRFI-44.  To
> that I'd add the C++ STL, and things like Common Lisp's sequences (which
> operate only on lists and vectors).

Smalltalk should be in there, it's pretty much the father of modern
object systems.  Probably worth look at Ruby too, they love their
iterators.  Stay far away from Perl though :)