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RE: A possible solution?

Bear wrote:
> I do dispatch and OO programming all the time in scheme, and I don't
> use any of the popular "OO" frameworks because it's so simple to do
> OO programming that there's really no need for them.

I do this myself - but it doesn't work well if the goal is to build up a set
of interoperable libraries across a community.

> SRFI-44 does not need to depend on any OO framework or library to get
> dynamic dispatch based on the collection type.
> Therefore consider as a possibility, a vector a few dozen elements
> long.  Let the first element, at index zero, contain a symbol that
> And it'll work.  Immediately.  And it'll be totally clear to
> everybody how to write collections that this interface can use.

This could make a nice reference implementation.  It's not completely clear
to me whether you're also suggesting that this should be something that the
spec requires of implementations, though.  I don't see the need for it in
implementations that already provide a generic dispatch mechanism - it would
only add overhead.