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Re: Reasons for withdrawal

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    > From: Tom Lord <lord@xxxxxxx>

    > I can't speak for others, but I'd be game for a temporary "collections
    > in scheme" mailing list.

Seriously.  Let me reiterate and reinforce.

I hear rumours in irc that you've got some help implementing this

Most excellent!

Don't use SRFI for this.  Start a savannah project.   Advertise it on
c.l.s.   Let's get a kick-ass, comprehensive collections library up
and running on several implementations.

Given that, the srfi will be close to a mere formality.

Prior to finalization of the srfi, if the library is any good, people
will start using it.

(We could also use srfis for "POSIX filesystem interface" and "POSIX
subprocess interface".   We don't have them yet.   In the meanwhile --
at least some implementors are working on SCSH compatability.   You
don't need a srfi to start work on a standard.

(of course, we have to convince Olin that, before writing any POSIX
srfis, he has get that system calls can return errno values and other
error values rather than throwing exceptions :-))