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Re: [oleg@xxxxxxxxx: Interface view of dictionaries]

Tom Lord wrote:
> BRAD IS RIGHT.   But I'll give better advice them him :-)....
> a) withdraw this SRFI to reset the clock
> b) drop back and do more groundwork first

Hey, that *was* my advice! Must've gotten lost in the noise, so thanks
for re-stating it concisely.

> Don't forget that the SRFI process is robust in the face of completely
> bogus SRFIs -- but author reputations are not.

Indeed. I personally don't hold grudges, and I realize that
defensiveness is a natural reaction to negative review comments, so I'm
not going to hold any of this against Scott -- at least not in a "you
suck!" way. However, it does inspire some distrust, which means that I
review the remaining material more cautiously and less willingness to

> "reset the clock"

Bradd W. Szonye