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Re: s/-LEFT//g?

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On Thu, Oct 16, 2003 at 01:06:29PM -0700, Bradd W. Szonye wrote:
> As an extension of my idea to change collection-fold-left to
> collection-fold, how about removing all of the -lefts? Rationale:
> 1. It's the naming convention in SRFI-1.
> 2. The -left suffix doesn't make sense for "disordered" collections.
> 3. It's less to type.

Its less to type, but in this case its important, as it really is 
indicating directionality.  If it was just get-value or such, it 
wouldn't convey the message that its retrieving a very specific value 
from the collection, the left most or least precedent.

*-left provides a symmetry that the *-right functions can compare 
themselves against.  


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