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Re: Near final thoughts

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scgmille@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

What are peoples' current thoughts on the spec as it stands at sgmiller.org? I feel we are very near completion, but the list is somewhat quiet. Also, now is a good time to point out typos and other small errors.

I have a small question of style. When you look up a function in the middle of the srfi,
you will see a typical entry like as the one below, and then a newcomer
(or an forgetful old timer) have to look up * and %.


/  procedure:/ *dict?* value *=>* boolean

Returns a non-false value if the provided value is a flexible sequence
/  procedure:/ *%* [equivalence-function] (key . value) ... *=> **

   Constructs a % dictionary with the zero or more bindings provided as
   it's initial values.
   If provided, the keys will be compared with the given equivalence
   function, otherwise eqv?
   is used. Each operand after the equivalence function to a dictionary
   constructor must be a
Scheme pair.
/  procedure:/ **-keys->list* dictionary *=>* list

Wouldn't it be easier to read if it was
 <collection-name>, <dictionary-name> etc


What do the other meta srfis do?

Jens Axel Søgaard