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Re: [oleg@xxxxxxxxx: Minor quibbles on the latest draft]

> You have a point.
> >This is especially important for maintenance of the resulting 
> >system.  Especially as Scheme systems start (and continue) to offer 
> >compiled modules, programmers or sysadmins may want to upgrade package 
> >Foo.  If Foo changes its selection of the underlying set collection, it 
> >would be onerous to require all packages that depend on it to be 
> >modified at the source code level to remain compatible.
> >
> Yes - but isn't it the role of the module system to take care of that?

If its a sophisticated enough module system, then probably.  But as we 
aren't specifying module system functionality in this SRFI, we don't 
have that luxury, as you point out.


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