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Re: Shorthand procedures?

scgmille@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
First, if we are to use collection-fold-keys-increasing, it makes sense that collection-fold-left is renamed to collection-fold-increasing as well.

Second, Is there any objection to adding the procedures collection-fold and collection-fold-keys as synonyms for collection-fold-increasing and collection-fold-keys-increasing respectively?

I have a second thought that addresses my concerns:

collection-fold[-keys]-left and collection-fold[-keys]-right are not specified with regard to the order of enumeration. For unordered collections, collection-fold-right the implementation may either raise an error or provide an enumeration in reverse order or collection-fold-left.

collection-fold[-keys]-increasing and collection-fold[-keys]-decreasing are specified to be an ordered enumeration and are only defined for ordered collections.

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