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SRFI 43 finalization

(I hope I don't get accidentally subscribed again to srfi-editors@.
The mailing list 'situation' on srfi.schemers.org has gotten rather out
of hand...)

It may not have come to the editors' attention, but I made the
announcement that SRFI 43 was to be finalized almost two months ago,
and the web site has still not been updated to reflect finalization.
(The mailing lists' desires to flummox me may have something to do with
this, though, perhaps...)

(I've also just committed a fixed reference implementation with respect
to VECTOR-CONCATENATE:AUX.  I can't tell whether to thank Mike Sperber
or Dale Jordan for pointing it out, though: the email came from Mike
with no marks identifying it as a forwarded message or a message simply
requested to be sent from Dale, but it's signed 'Dale Jordan.'  So,
thanks to whoever the heck noticed it.)