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Re: Combinators and Mutators

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On Dec 28, 2003, at 3:49 PM, David Rush wrote:


Where is vector-fold/index??? All of the vector combinators should have /index versions. My vector library (predating srfi-43) does this because I frequently found myself in the position of needing it. Having O(1) access is the whole point of using vectors, it seems silly to prevent people from being able to cross-reference that access.

Oops. That's an oversight. I'll add it, and VECTOR-FOLD-RIGHT/INDEX, too.


I think that vector-insert!, vector-delete!,and vector-rotate! are bad enough ideas to leave out. If you're going to be using these operations enough to notice that you don't have them, you probably shouldn't be using vectors to implement your collection in the first place. Differring opinions on this subject *are* appreciated, but the computational overhead to these operations is foolish to use unless it constitutes part of the constant overhead of an algorithm (which is pretty bloody unlikely).

OK. Sergei Egorov hasn't spoken up about them, so, if he doesn't respond soon to a personal email to him that I shall write right now, I'll boot 'em out.

david rush
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