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On Dec 17, 2003, at 5:32 PM, Taylor Campbell wrote:

  (VECTOR-REVERSE-COPY <vector> [<start> [<end>]])
    Just like the current VECTOR-COPY, but accepts start+end arguments
    as well.  A reversing analogue of VECTOR-COPY.

Hmm.  With the recent idea of an extra FILL argument to VECTOR-COPY, it
has _also_ occurred to me to perhaps allow that as well, though I
haven't thought about it very hard.  (Which side would get the fill --
the left or right side --?)

  (VECTOR-REVERSE-COPY! <target> <tstart> <source> [<sstart> [<send>]])

Oops.  I think that might better be TEND, not TSTART.