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>>>>> "Taylor" == Taylor Campbell <campbell@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Taylor> Yes, I noticed this...and I mentioned it on the list a few emails ago.
Taylor> I suggested that it come first, too, and asked whether or not this
Taylor> change was OK with them;

Sorry, I must have missed that.  (I did do the cursory exam of the
archives and googled for the relevant keywords, but came up empty.)

Taylor> since you're the only person to have said _anything_ on this
Taylor> list since my last email one and a half months ago, I think
Taylor> the change _is_ OK.


Taylor> Too bad you hadn't done this extensive vector hacking back when the
Taylor> concept of a draft period still occurred to some of us...well, do you
Taylor> have opinions on the past few issues that I've brought up, namely the
Taylor> things regarding VECTOR-COPY!,

I agree with your conclusions.  (Or is there anything unresolved I
missed?  If so, let me know.)

Taylor> the insertion & deletion routines,

Zap 'em, I say.  Marginal value, conceptual & space overhead in the
SRFI document.

Taylor> and the issue regarding start+end versus N vector arguments?

Hm, I actually think the way things are isn't half bad.  This really
is the kind of thing where only experience helps, so I wouldn't worry
about it too much now.  I do suspect, though, that the procedures
under "Searchers" would be better off with start+end args rather than
N vectors, though.

Cheers =8-} Mike
Friede, Völkerverständigung und überhaupt blabla