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Re: vector-unzip

On Thursday, April 10, 2003, at 04:40 AM, Michael Burschik wrote:

In addition to vector-unzip, SRFI-43 defines several "common unzippers", but fails to specify how their names relate to vector-unzip's argument n. As far
as I can tell from the reference implementation, the following holds:
(vector-unzipn vec) == (vector-unzip vec (- n 1)). If this is true, however,
then the reference implementation incorrectly defines vector-unzip5 as
(vector-unzip vec 5).

I've added specification for how the N in VECTOR-UNZIPn relates to how it

And actually, the statement:

(vector-unzipN vec) == (vector-unzip vec (- N 1))

is false. If you notice in the reference implementation, plain VECTOR-UNZIP already subtracts one from N to get the highest index to get a value from --

(define (vector-unzip vec i)
  (let loop ((vecs '()) (i (- i 1)))
                     ;; ^^^^^^^^^^^
    (if (negative? i)
        (apply values vecs)
        (loop (cons (vector-map (cut vector-ref <> i) vec)) vecs)
              (- i 1)))))

Therefore, VECTOR-UNZIP1 would start getting stuff at index -1, but that's negative, so VECTOR-UNZIP1 would always return zero values. That isn't exactly
what you'd want.


Michael Burschik