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Re: [plt-scheme] SRFI 41

The typing you describe is in fact consistent with that of ordinary (R5RS) member, which does not end in a question mark.

On Wed, 8 Oct 2008, Phil Bewig wrote:

The definition of stream-member given in the text of SRFI-41 is incorrect.
The problem is inconsistent typing: one branch of the cond returns #f, which
is not a stream, while another branch of the cond returns strm, which is a
stream.  Here is a definition of stream-member? which returns either #t or
#f; it uses normal define, not stream-define, and normal let, not

(define (stream-member? eql? obj strm)
 (let loop ((strm strm))
   (cond ((stream-null? strm) #f)
         ((eql? (stream-car strm) obj) #t)
         (else (loop (stream-cdr strm))))))

Given that, (stream-member? equal? 'c (stream 'a 'b)) evaluates to #f, as
you expect.

Another definition of stream-member, the one that was intended by SRFI-41,

(define-stream (stream-member eql? obj strm)
 (stream-let loop ((strm strm))
   (cond ((stream-null? strm) (stream #f))
         ((eql? obj (stream-car strm)) strm)
         (else (loop (stream-cdr strm))))))

That definition type-checks because both branches of the cond evaluate to a
stream.  Given that definition, (stream-car (stream-member equal? 'c (stream
'a 'b))) evaluates to #f, and (stream-car (stream-member equal? 'a (stream
'a 'b))) evaluates to a.

Note that stream-member is not defined in SRFI-41; it is just an example in
the text (worse, it is an incorrect example in the text).  If PLT includes
stream-member in its version of SRFI-41, that is an extension of SRFI-41.
If PLT wants to extend SRFI-41, it would be better to define the library in
such a way that it is loaded by (require srfi/41-extended-by-PLT) or some
such mechanism.  By taking the liberty of extending the base definition of
SRFI-41, PLT confuses users and makes code written using its extended
version of SRFI-41 non-portable to other Scheme systems that adhere to
SRFI-41 as it is written.

I will forward this note to the SRFI-41 mailing list.


On Wed, Oct 8, 2008 at 1:11 PM, michael rice <nowgate@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 There's a stream-member function given in SRFI 41 that doesn't seem to
work as expected.


(require srfi/41)

(define s1 (stream-cons 'a (stream-cons 'b stream-null)))

(define-stream (stream-member eql? obj strm)
  (stream-let loop ((strm strm))
    (cond ((stream-null? strm) #f)
          ((eql? obj (stream-car strm)) strm)
          (else (loop (stream-cdr strm))))))


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(stream-member equal? 'c s1)


Shouldn't the answer be #f?


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