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Other miscellaneous stuff

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A few notes to add to Andre's:

* Should the library name have a SRFI-nnn prefix?

* The (stream-primitives) library should import (rnrs mutable-pairs) since it
  uses set-car! and set-cdr!.

* The export form in (stream-derived) should be
  (export list-of-exports ...)
  and not
  (export (list of exports ...))

* The code for stream-match-pattern should be:

  (define-syntax stream-match-pattern
    (lambda (x)
      (define (wildcard? x)
        (and (identifier? x)
             (free-identifier=? x #'_)))
      (syntax-case x ()
        ((stream-match-pattern strm () (binding ...) body)
         #'(and (stream-null? strm) (let (binding ...) body)))
        ((stream-match-pattern strm (w? . rest) (binding ...) body)
         (wildcard? #'w?)
         #'(and (stream-pair? strm)
                (let ((strm (stream-cdr strm)))
(stream-match-pattern strm rest (binding ...) body))))
        ((stream-match-pattern strm (var . rest) (binding ...) body)
         #'(and (stream-pair? strm)
(let ((temp (stream-car strm)) (strm (stream-cdr strm))) (stream-match-pattern strm rest ((var temp) binding ...) body))))
        ((stream-match-pattern strm w? (binding ...) body)
         (wildcard? #'w?)
         #'(let (binding ...) body))
        ((stream-match-pattern strm var (binding ...) body)
         #'(let ((var strm) binding ...) body)))))

Do you have any test cases for the two libraries?