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Error in reference implementation detected by bigloo

Dear users of SRFI-38.

The new type analysis in bigloo (upcoming 3.6a) has detected an error in the
reference implementation, almost 8 years after its publication:

	(if (char? (car first-token))
	    (case (car first-token)
	      ((#\() (read-list-tail))
	      ((#\#) (list->vector (read-list-tail)))
	      ((#\. #\)) (error (string-append "Unexpected \"" first-token "\"")))

"first-token" in the last line should be "(string (car first-token))".

I am disappointed by Scheme compilers A, B, ... that they have not detected it earlier -
no, not really:
I am impressed that compilers are still improving for Scheme!