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Re: Ready to finalize SRFI 38.

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> Hi.
> I'm writing to let everyone know that I'm ready to finalize SRFI-38
> at this point.  Evidently nobody has any problems with the current
> document, or if so they've been keeping it to themselves, so I think
> it's ready to move into final status now.

I took a quick last look and found something unexpected:

   <indexnum> --> <digit 10>+ | <radix R> <digit R>+

Why does <indexnum> allow a radix?  When is such a thing useful?  This
is a problem for Gambit because it allows symbols to start with a "##"
prefix.  So for example ##o12# is a symbol, but SRFI-38 would treat
this as if it were #10# .  Is there any rationale for this?