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Compatibility with other SRFIs

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Although I wouldn't like to see a dependency on other SRFIs, I think a section treating compatibility with them would be useful. Perhaps something like the following after the "Standard Conditions" section?

--begin suggested section----------
Compatibility with other SRFIs:
SRFI-18, SRFI-21 and SRFI-23 define some standard conditions. If a Scheme implementation provides these SRFIs, it should use the following definitions:

For SRFI-18 and SRFI-21:
  (define-condition-type &join-timeout &condition
  (define-condition-type &abandoned-mutex &serious
  (define-condition-type &terminated-thread &condition
  (define-condition-type &uncaught &serious
    (reason uncaught-exception-reason))

For SRFI-23:
  (define-condition-type &srfi-23-error &error
    (reason srfi-23-error-reason)
    (args srfi-23-error-args))
  (define (make-error-exception r a)
    (make-condition &srfi-23-error reason r args a))
  (define (error reason . args)
    (raise (make-error-exception reason args))
--end suggested section----------
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