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Re: Please rename TRY to something else

>   From: "Manual Serrano" <Manuel.Serrano@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>   I will have a look at the specification but first of all, let me ask you
>   a favor. Bigloo is already using TRY. It is already a special form for
>   Bigloo. Please give me a chance to implement SRFi-34 by renaming this form. 
> The Bigloo form takes two arguments and SRFI-34's takes three, so
> there should be no technical problem with implementing both.  It
> would be a bit ugly.
> Can you suggest another name?  
What about TRAP or BIND-ERROR (in the spirit of the old BIND-EXIT 
Dylan's form)? I will try to find other suggestions.

> TRY seems the natural one.
I agree this is why Bigloo uses it since the first released