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Re: SRFI 32, SRFI 32

"Paul Steckler" <steck@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:


> I suspect that the LET-OPTIONALS macro is roughly equivalent to PLT's
> opt-lambda -- I'd have to see the reference implementation to be sure.

Yes, it is exactly as opt-lambda.  In the port of SRFIs to PLT Scheme
we're doing @ schematics.sourceforge.net¹, we are replacing uses of
let-optionals* with opt-lambda.  See the port of Olin's SRFI-13 for an
example. We also have a port of the (slow version of) let-optionals*,
just in case.


¹ The development version, accessible via CVS, has 15 surfies already,
and we will release a new package sometime next week, the announce
will go to the PLT Scheme mailing list.