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Re: Mixing comment styles and strings

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>>>>> "John" == jtobey  <jtobey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

John> Is this supposed to be a comment or only the beginning of one?
John>     #| ; |#

John> The lexical production rules say this "|#" is ignored as part of a
John> nested single-line comment, but the implementation regards it as the
John> end of a multi-line comment.

The semicolon does not start a single-line comment because it matches
<comment text>.

John>     #|
John>      "This string |# is unbalanced."
John>     |#

John> My intuition tells me the quoted "|#" does not terminate the comment,
John> but the SRFI and implementation say that it does.  Should it be
John> possible to comment out strings and single-line comments that contain
John> the comment delimiters?

Recognizing strings within comments has a rather non-intuitive
consequences: you could write double quotation marks within a comment
pairwise only.