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"French Canadian"

An editorial comment on the final version of SRFI 29.

The section on "Bundle Searching" includes this line in the first

        For example, when retrieving a message template for French
        Canadian, in the mathlib package, the bundle specifier '(mathlib
        fr ca)' is used.

"French Canadian" is a term used for Canadians of French descent.


"Canadian French" is the term used for the closely-related dialects of
French spoken in Canada, typically designated by "fr-ca":


In other words, the first is a person and the second is a language or
dialect. Not all French Canadians speak French, and not all speakers of
Canadian French are French Canadians.

At best a trivial issue, but it might be nice to fix it.


Evan Prodromou <evan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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