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Re: comments (5)

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sander wrote:
1) gettext - mandating that it must use gettext is imho no good - even if
these days the situation is better for people with no resources to
re-implement it - is probably not a good idea. Those who just want to use
gettext can do so using a library binding, and it would imho be pretty
pointless to have that as a SRFI . gettext will also not be available or
appropriate in all places where scheme can be used.

Nobody has suggested mandating gettext.  I'm just saying it seems like
a really bad idea to design a localization srfi without making sure that
it is compatible with and plays nicely with gettext.

3) one central locale - I think having a "one locale at a time" system
is fundamentaly broken, and its not just something i think. It is very
limiting and assumes just one use case. Once that use case no longer fits
(say you want to use threads and some threads want to use a different
locale  - oops!) you end up re-implementing the system.

You can still have a notion of "current locale", as long as "current"
can be thread-local.
	--Per Bothner
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