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SRFI 29 doesn't allow for reordering

Thank you for putting together SRFI 29. It will be good to have a standard way to do localization in Scheme. I have just one suggestion:

Because it relies on FORMAT, SRFI 29 can't accomodate language ordering variations. In other words, it can't model the fact that one language may require substitutions in a different order than another. While Java code for localization is often quite verbose, it handles this problem quite nicely by using indexes in format strings, e.g.:


  Object[] arguments = {
      new Integer(7),
      new Date(System.currentTimeMillis()),
      "a disturbance in the Force"
  String result = MessageFormat.format(
      "At {1,time} on {1,date}, there was {2} on planet {0,number,integer}.",
: At 12:30 PM on Jul 3, 2053, there was a disturbance in the Force on planet 7.

I would like to recommend changing SRFI 29 to support reordering in a similar manner.