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would it be beneficial to have the use of and output of the generated
random source, as in (make-random-source) => s, described?
ie, to make it possible for somebody else to generate random floating
point numbers from s it is neccessary to know what the output looks
like (say 0 or 1, or #t or #f), and how to get it (say (s 'bit)).

i admit that this kind of thinking would (ultimatly) lead to the
removal of all but one, (random-source? s), of the random-source
procedures and their replacement by

(s 'randomize)
(s 'state)
(s 'state new-state)

but i still think that the question is worth asking.

moreover, it could be that (s 'bit) should really be (random-source-bit s)
and the whole oo concept could be avoided :-)